Kawasaki ninja 1000 review

View My Garage. I was contemplating a bike for nearly the past one year and my mind was nearly made up for the Versys It was comfortable but understated, enough power for our roads and could tackle all roads.

kawasaki ninja 1000 review

Now in this waiting and deciding process, Kawasaki separated from Bajaj in April with a new set of separate manufacturing plant, showrooms and service stations. That was good news.

And immediately they announced that they will be bringing in their latest and highly improved Ninjanow assembled in India, at a mouth watering price of Rs.

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That changed the equation immediately. As I mentioned on the launch thread of the Ninjait has so much more going for it which the Versys cannot be. A bike capable of doing kmph electronically limited to A kmph time of 3. And my primary aim is cross country riding on paved roads, not off road. So the choice was made. Now equipped with the same IMU as Kawasaki's top sports machines, six parameters of attitude are measured aiding the cornering management function and intelligent braking system among other features.

Acceleration along longitudinal, transverse and vertical axes, plus roll rate and pitch rate are measured. A new, taller double-bubble windshield also contributes to the increased wind protection.

As before, the windshield is adjustable by hand without toolswith three available positions to suit rider preference. All-new sophisticated instrument design features a large analogue tachometer flanked by warning lamps on one side, and a gear position indicator and multi-function LCD screen on the other.

Dual LED headlamps, first in class, each featuring low and high beams, as well as a LED position lamp offer significantly increased brightness, casting their light wider and farther forward. Both left and right LED lights now remain lit together. This is the same base system used on the Ninja H2 and Ninja ZXR, with programming and settings revised to suit the performance parameters of the Ninja New Front cowl design with new front and side fairings with sharper lines.

2018 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 ABS Hands-On Review

Also improves wind protection. New front and rear turn signals are more integrated and not bulging out. New Rear Brake Pads are supposedly more effective.

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Adjustable Clutch and Brake Lever 6 positions is new Passenger hand grips have been redesigned Mirrors are now positioned 20mm further out. New clean mount side case system is now integrated New DC Power out knock out has been added.

Rest all other features as optional pannier system, dual throttle valves, assist and slipper clutch, power modes, traction control, horizontal back link rear suspension, remote pre-load adjuster for the rear suspension, 41 mm inverted front fork featuring stepless compression and rebound damping and spring preload adjustability and most importantly the powerful 1, cc liquidcooled, 4-stroke In-line Four engine making bhp etc.

Few Photos - In the shade or in the sun The beautiful derriere with those shot gun dual exhausts is to die for The broad front Close up of the LED headlights Low beam High Beam The LED Tail Light Switched on With the hazards The cockpit The beautiful, legible and clear Instrument Panel odo reading at 2km on delivery Whether under shade Or under direct sunlight Or at night Right side engine casing with oil filler cap and throttle adjustment knob The front wheel The beautiful ribbed annulling on the upside down front shocks oozes quality The now flushed front indicator lamps in the fairing A closer view.

Made by Minda. The front brake calipers The beautiful 2x2 exhausts A closer view The beautifully sculpted 19 liters fuel tank. Note the dazzling emerald green shade in the sun. Also note the quality tank pad from AliExpress. Last edited by dkaile : 17th October at Reason: replaced word reaks with oozes.I like the aggressive styling of the bike and after sitting on it in the showroom, I know I wanted to take this Motorcycle for a test drive. I really like the way the bike feels when you are sitting on it.

The handlebars are just back enough that you are sitting in a semi-upright sport touring position and it just feels right. I would like to thank Blackfoot Motosports in Calgary, Alberta for giving me the opportunity to take this amazing machine out for a romp. Please check out their website at Blackfoot Online. My first impression of the Ninja ABS was that it was a very nice looking bike.

It has the look of a racer and the feel of a touring bike. The handlebar position was not too far forward and did not feel awkward. The footpegs were well positioned and I did not feel like my legs would cramp up even on a longer trip. The seat was comfortable and provided adequate padding, and finally, the complete style of the bike makes it look much more expensive than it is.

In fact, that morning, I woke up to snow on the ground. By the afternoon it had cleared up and the weather did not call for snow for the immediate future.

I picked up the bike at around 2 PM and made my way home. I took the long way back to my house and tested the Ninja in traffic.

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I was very pleased with the way this motorcycle handles itself in traffic. I had the power mode set on full power and I never changed it during the entire review. The bike was amazing in traffic. It did not feel out of place and was extremely good at cornering in the city. In my opinion, this motorcycle would be a wonderful commuter. It was in its environment in the city. I was a bit disappointed with how dim the instrument cluster is during the day. It is not very bright which is a bit annoying.

I made it home and was admiring the looks of it as I was taking pictures for this article.

First Ride Review: 2017 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 ABS

The lines are very aggressive, yet it still looks refined. I found myself going outside on several occasions to just stare at the bike and admire the lines.

A friend showed up and was quite impressed with the bike. He also loved the look of it and was very pleased when I started it up and he heard the exhaust note for the first time. The lights on the Ninja are nice and bright. Illumination is not an issue with this bike at all. The LED headlight and tail light are crisp and clear. If only the signal lights were also LED. At night, the instrument cluster was well illuminated and easy to read.

It is simple with an analog tachometer and a digital screen that shows your speed as well as the other functions such as the power mode, traction control settings, fuel etc… A bit utilitarian, but not overly cluttered with information.

If it was this bright during the day, it would be a winner.For the Kawasaki has rationalised its European range to fit the rest of the world. Oh, and a lean-angle sensor that displays maximum angle achieved on the dash.

In no way is this going to end in tears. On paper the two bikes share a lot, but the Kawasaki has an awful lot more 21 st century electronics than the talented-but-basic Suzuki.

Smooth power, plenty of it and am I the only person who thinks four cylinders sound twice as good as two? The point here is that the latest fuel injection and ignition technology means that every single one of those horses is delivered as effectively as possible whether you are bumbling along through town or chasing a pack of hungry journalists down a twisty Spanish road with free lunch at the end of it.

What a four-cylinder engine might lack in character, it makes up for in flexibility. Press launch routes tend to be chosen for the quota of blind-hairpins-per-mile, which is great for the first ten minutes, but tedious for me, anyway after that.

Having a motor that can do 70 miles of single-track roads climbing up and down hillsides, pulling from rpm to rpm in third gear with no glitches or burps in the delivery makes for a very relaxing ride and lets the rider put all available brain space into reading the road.

Water-cooled, fuel-injected four cylinder, with a six-speed gearbox. The same basic engine is also used in the Versysbut the Ninja makes 20bhp more.

The riding modes are now all linked to the 6-axis inertial measurement unit IMU that controls the lean-angle sensitive ABS and traction control.

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And a change to ride-by-wire electronically controlled throttle valves means that cruise control can also be fitted. Trust us, we love cruise control. The new bike has both a slipper clutch to make changing down at high engine speeds a little smoother and an assisted clutch for less slip under hard acceleration. The new design needs only three clutch springs instead of the six on the previous bike, which Kawasaki claims gives a lighter feel at the lever.

Like most quick shifters it takes a few miles acclimatise and work out where it is good and when a conventional shift is better. At low revs in a high gear it will be clunky, especially on downshifts, but in the upper parts of the rev range the quickshifter works really well.

In-town riding is easy helped by mirrors that return to their original position after filtering. One of the biggest benefits to the rider of recent emissions law changes has been that bikes have generally got much more economical. Press launch riding is not like normal riding.

Lots of stop-starts for photo shoots and video, roads that are constantly on or off the throttle meaning lots of gas-guzzling acceleration as you chase the pack to keep up. The steering head angle is slightly sharper and trail has been reduced by 4mm.With standard ABS brakes and available color-matched saddlebags, it can be a sportbike and a sport-touring machine; your call. Power comes from a potent valve, 1,cc inline four which has been proven in prior Ninja and Z models. Minor intake and exhaust tweaks were made, and the computer has been remapped to widen the torque band.

With just 0. Electronic Keihin fuel injection works under the control of throttle by wire. KTRC traction control and two-mode power selection help keep you in control. The lower-power mode reduces power to about 70 percent and slows throttle response for slippery conditions. The Ninja's potent but silky engine can lug down to 2, rpm in sixth gear, which is about 30 mph. Try that on other sport bikes! Power climbs fiercely as the rpms head from about five grand toward the 11K redline, yet for normal riding you'll find ample midrange zip.

Otherwise, it's almost turbine smooth. At an actual 70 mph in sixth gear, the tach shows about 5, revs. This nimble Ninja is easy to get acquainted with, and feels like an old friend within minutes. Clutch pull effort is light and operation is chatter free with easy modulation. Shifting is also smooth and quick, and neutral is easy to access.

A high-tech lightweight aluminum frame provides torsional stiffness and a solid feel. At the front is an inverted, fully adjustable fork. An aluminum double-sided swingarm with a nearly horizontal shock and stepless rebound adjustment controls the rear wheel.

A remote rear preload adjuster on the right side makes setting changes a breeze. Thanks to a sporty Wheels are lightweight six-spoke alloy. They provide good grip and have a good neutral turn-in feel along with nice high-speed stability. A pair of radial front calipers grab the big mm discs and provide powerful, consistent braking with little lever effort and easy modulation.

The standard ABS delivers up fast, safe stops even on slick surfaces. The Ninja's slightly over pound claimed curb weight seems to diminish as it gains speed.

Riding is sporty yet tolerable on longer rides, with handlebar risers allowing a more upright stance that removes weight from the wrists. Heated grips are offered as an accessory. The manually adjustable three-position windscreen provides moderate wind protection; however, a taller windscreen would be welcome on highway trips.

The pillion pad is literally that: small and thin. Additionally, the passenger pegs are up too high. Another issue is with the odd-shaped mirrors, which are too far from the rider, resulting in a limited field of view. A small gauge pod fits a lot in, with a digital speedo and analog tachometer.

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An LCD display shows traction control status, gear position, average or instantaneous fuel mileage, plus odometer, fuel level, coolant temp, clock and more. Fuel mileage averaged just over 40 mpg; which yields a range near miles to empty with the 5. This makes it hard to keep going when you think you'll run out of fuel at any moment. The aluminum rear subframe is designed to carry the optional hard saddlebags. Both bags have 29 liters of capacity, and fit a full-face helmet.

The latches operate easily, and luggage liners are available as accessories. Saddlebags must be dealer installed because they get keyed the same as the ignition lock. The bike displays top-notch fit and finish quality with well-made components.Click here for more pictures of the Kawasaki Ninja But the new-model-year bike is equipped with far more than just ABS, including upgrades such as traction control, power modes, monobloc front brake calipers, a redesigned subframe featuring a vastly improved luggage mounting system, upgraded engine performance and more.

Styling is familiar but slightly different. In that shootout we praised the mid-range power and torque of Ninja. By the numbers the Ninja spun the dyno to a tune of Further review of real or perceived engine improvements will come once we have a model in our possession. Adding auditory excitement to this high-rpm fun are new equal-length velocity stacks, a new non-woven air filter element and an upgraded airbox with additional atmospheric intakes.

These changes conspire to enhance the intake howl of the Ninja, but not so much that it becomes annoying during a long-haul ride.

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During this initial test we kept the power mode on Full to enjoy every pony the Ninja had to deliver. While passing power is ample and immediately available, the engine does emit a high-frequency buzz between 6, to 7, rpm. The new Ninja retains the popular and well-performing three-position, manually adjustable windscreen. The KTRC can be adjusted between three levels of intervention or turned off completely. Like the power modes, we left the KTRC turned on in its lowest intervention level and rode our two-day, mile route without noticing the system operating in the background.

KTRC remained transparent even during some aggressive throttle application, leaving us nothing to complain about. Both the ride modes and KTRC are selectable via an easy-to-use interface on the left handlebar and visible in the new digital readout adjacent to the analog tachometer. Overall width of the new Ninja with saddlebags attached is significantly reduced. Bags are easily removed and installed, and the Ninja remains attractive whether wearing the bags or not. Possibly more influential than the engine enhancements and electronics upgrades is the redesigned subframe with integrated luggage attachments.

The twist knob is adjustable through a range of 40 clicks, which seems a little excessive to us. Stock position is eight clicks out from full soft which allows too much movement even with only a single rider at aggressive speeds. This translates as good but not perfect. Kawasaki NInja Forum. The clutch also exhibited a grabbiness at certain times, exacerbating the problem.

kawasaki ninja 1000 review

The new monobloc radial-mount front brakes with pads featuring a higher coefficient of friction worked flawlessly, as did the ABS which utilizes a new fluid pressure sensor to better control line pressure. Stopping power is strong and appropriate to the amount of pressure on the lever.

The front brake lever is also adjustable. Share this Article. Photos by: Adam Campbell and Kinney Jones. Terms of Use. Privacy Policy.A few weeks ago, in AprilI had the unfortunate circumstance of experiencing a lowside crash on my Triumph Sprint I assume there is always the possibility of a crash of course, but in this case I was simply on my way home from work as I swung myself through the roundabout traffic circle about a mile away from the office. As I came around in the left-hand portion of the circle before straightening up to continue, I suddenly found myself closer to the ground than I expected.

And then I was. In fact, I rode it home shortly after getting it back up on two wheels. My gear did its job beautifully and I was unhurt. I was a bit achy the next day in a couple of spots, but not even a bruise appeared. The bike was totaled, even though it was only cosmetic damage. Time for a new one…. There were only a few choices in my mind when I first realized I would need to get a new bike and that realization occurred before I had even gotten up on my feet after I went down.

These are beautiful machines and they move down the road smartly too. Another consideration was a used Triumph Sprint that I found for sale, about two hours away in a neighboring city. I certainly would be aware of what I was getting into there, but perhaps I wanted to try something different now that I had the chance? They combined sportbike looks, power, and handling with comfortable mostly ergos and had available hard luggage for touring.

It worked for years and years. Kawasaki had similar bikes in the ZZR and that were based on more super-sporting machines. These offered a bit more of a relaxed seating position compared to their sportier sisters but these came and went while the VFR ruled the roost. Interestingly, in Honda released the VFR and though not really a direct replacement for thethe VFR left the lineup until leaving a noticeable gap in the light sport touring segment. IIt was a year later, inthat Kawasaki unleashed the Ninja Decisions… Motorcycle purchases for many people are a very emotional experience and that includes me.RevZilla will match any advertised price on new merchandise available through another authorized U.

Our goal is to provide the best possible shopping experience to every enthusiast who visits RevZilla. You'll also hear about special offers and events! How it works:. Sign in or create an account to earn ZillaCash on your next purchase with us. Redeem your ZillaCash Rewards on a future order with us!

See our customer service page for more details. Inexplicably, neither Lance nor Spurg was champing at the bit to go ride the Ninja I still have no idea how I lucked into this assignment.

Is this a trick? Blame it on Kawi. Apparently Ninjas have diversified their skill sets in recent years. Photo by Drew Ruiz. Though in fairness, heated grips are an option. And the Connie has no cruise control either, which is a sin.

kawasaki ninja 1000 review

Others like Spurg disagree. Personally, I think the money and weight those items would require preclude them. Lance and I talked about this at length. I think that bikes like this — sport-touring bikes — really have two types of buyer. This rider is generally seeking a lighter bike, and is willing to accept more aggressive ergonomics and give up some wind protection to get it — but the bike better be able to accept luggage.

Kawi told me that 54 percent of their riders buy the bags when the bike is purchased. The only real sign that this bike is made to carry saddlebags. Pretty damn clean, if you ask me. RevZilla photo. Another rider who may consider the sport-biased sport-tourer is the rider who has had enough of the contortions of a sport bike, but is unwilling to sit completely upright a la an adventure bike or cruiser.

Understanding who chases these bikes is key to sizing up the competition, because different riders are likely to see different motorcycles as competing products, depending on what features they value.

Ninja riders have been riding for a while and are of the age and income that they can more or less buy what they like, yet they end up on a bike that I feel is a phenomenal value proposition. Perhaps these experienced riders know how to identify bang for the buck. Or maybe people who make a lot of money have good judgment. You decide. Kawasaki photo. The Ninja is not a new model. The changes make this motorcycle superb.

The bodywork was updated and the mounting system was improved for the optional hard luggage option, which is so well integrated that the aftermarket is probably a non-starter.


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